V-Box was created by a team of Vietnamese and Foreigners who come from an extensive background of corporate relocation, real estate and travel services. We created V-Box to meet the needs of individuals and businesses in Ho Chi Minh City who are looking for extra space that’s reliable, safe and fits their budgets. Our team, along with our feature-rich booking and unit management platform, allows seamless service for our clients and their goods.

The V-Box facility and office is in District 9, just 10 minutes from the Thao Dien area of District 2 and easily accessible from any part of the city. Offering over 250 units (both standard and climate controlled), our facility has a large loading bay, large industrial elevator and both climate controlled and standard units.

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Why Rent From V-Box?

V-Box is dedicated to making your self-storage needs convenient, accessible, affordable and secure. We offer a variety of sizes, easy lease and payment terms and are here to provide an extension of your office space or home. Contact our team to arrange a visit to our facility and book the unit that’s just right for you!

Why Rent from v-box

Secure, Easy to Use and Conveniently Located

Our self-storage facility is located just 10 minutes from the District 2 area and easily accessed from any District in HCMC. The building itself is located in a secure, warehouse compound and features 24-hour CCTV monitoring, swipe card access for tenants only and security guards. Rest assured that your goods are safe and well taken care of.


V-Box was created to provide true, international level, self-storage services for individuals and businesses in Ho Chi Minh City. We are here to be an extension of your home or business to help you easily and conveniently manage your extra goods. We offer online booking, payment, and management of your unit as well as easy, secure access whenever you need.
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For business owners, individuals or families, V-Box is here to provide quality self-storage services at an affordable, transparent price. For those with short term needs, we offer leases starting at just one month. For those looking for longer storage options, contact us today to discuss which unit and lease term is right for you.


Our facility is located within a commercial warehouse compound and is monitored by CCTV and security guards. The facility also features helpful V-Box staff and is only accessible by tenants. Your unit is locked with your own personal lock and cannot be accessed by others so you can store your goods confidently while being able to access them when you need.


Outstanding customer service, easy access to your goods, affordable pricing; V-Box is here to meet your storage needs whatever the size of your family or business.

What Our customers say

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